Residents Survey

Throughout 2014 the Friends of Allerton Grange Fields conducted a User Survey and also had a manned stall at the Oakwood Farmers Market on 15 February 2014. The 2014 User Survey has highlighted that the majority of respondents visited the fields more than once a week by foot or on the bike.

This highlights that the fields serve a local catchment where people can easily walk or ride a bike to/from the site.

The majority of respondents who visit the fields for a walk, bicycle, play ball games, pick fruit and jog.

The majority of respondents also feel very safe/safe at Allerton Grange Fields and have rated the cleanliness of the fields as very good.


The 2014 User Survey has highlighted the following areas for improvement which has informed the Actions in the Greenspace Management Plan for Allerton Grange Fields:-

Seating – “the site has no seating/benches at present”.

The lack of seating has been raised through the park user survey. FoAGF will look to address this matter through the revised Greenspace Management Plan by stating that the feasibility of introducing benches to be explored by Friends of Allerton Grange Fields with its partners LCC Parks & Countryside, West Yorkshire Police Neighbourhood Policing Team and Allerton Grange School. 


Noticeboard – “The site does not have a noticeboard detailing activities and events”.

FoAGF promotes events and activities using laminated posters and outdoor temporary vinyl banners on the site to publicize events and activities. FoAGF also deliver a newsletter to homes and businesses twice a year to raise our profile and publicise our events and activities. FoAGF are currently working with Housing Leeds, Roundhay ward councillors and the Housing Advisory Panel with regard to the installation of a community noticeboard on the parade of shops on Lidgett Lane (opposite Allerton Grange Fields). The location on the parade of shops would mean it has a much higher profile and footfall and a more appropriate location for a community noticeboard. Friends of Allerton Grange Fields would be one of the key holders of the new community noticeboard.    

Litter Bins – “There are no litter bins on site”.

A number of users have highlighted the need for a litter bin through the survey.  However there are litter bins located immediately next to the two entrance to Allerton Grange Fields and FoAGF undertake a litter pick every 4 weeks. Leeds City Council undertake an weekly manual litter pick of Lidgett Lane and Talbot Avenue.  Friends of Allerton Grange Fields will address this matter with its partners LCC Parks & Countryside, West Yorkshire Police Neighbourhood Policing Team and Allerton Grange School.

Directional Signage – “There are no directional signs to Allerton Grange Fields”.

Friends of Allerton Grange Fields will explore with Leeds City Council whether directional signs to the fields (which is of neighbourhood scale) is appropriate. Leeds City Council tends to install directional signs for some of the larger City Parks and Community Parks which has on site car parking provision. However there could be scope for cycling directional signs from the Gledhow Valley Road and Allerton Grange Way junction to Allerton Grange Fields (as the site has a traffic free shared cycle pedestrian route). FoAGF will look to address this matter relating to the introduction of directional signs with its partners LCC Parks & Countryside and LCC as the Highways Authority. 

Children’s Play Area – “There is no children’s playground provision on site”.

Respondents to the 2014 Park User Survey have suggested a toddler playground as a way of improving Allerton Grange Fields. Allerton Grange Fields is a public playing field and not a community park or city park. It is recognised that not every single public green open space has to have a formal children’s play area. The area is well served when it comes to children’s play provision with a children’s playground at Gledhow Community Fields (0.7mile) Chapel Allerton Park (0.9mile) and there is a proposed children’s play area at Moortown Park (0.5mile). 

Allerton Grange Fields is unique in the immediate area is that it is relatively flat and has two good size public sports playing pitches (which are well used by young people and a local sports club). Friends of Allerton Grange Fields would look to work with its partner Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside to provide structure to play (and addressing the points raised by respondents) through white lining two junior football pitches, two rounders diamond and 6 lane running track.

With regard to other opportunities linked to sports, health and well being, FoAGF will explore the potential for an adult and children trim trail (green gym and/or activity trail) equipment at Allerton Grange Fields (which is a much better 'fit' with the sports pitches on site, it respects the setting of the grade 2 listed Moor Allerton Hall and helps to differentiate 'the offer' when compared to other public open spaces in the area). 

FoAGF would like to focus on how the fields offer children and young people the opportunity for informal play and for “creative” play which is backed and promoted by Play England rather than providing a formal playground which has ongoing revenue implications.

FoAGF will explore the feasibility for introducing children activity trail and adult green gym equipment with its partner LCC Parks & Countryside and HAP.

The Resident Survey undertaken by the Friends of Allerton Grange in June 2010 highlighted that local residents would like to see the environmental improvements to the Allerton Grange Fields so that it becomes a multi functional green public open space for people of all ages. Suggestions for How it should be used? Included the following:-


“As a park/open space for community use”

“For ball games/sports”

“For people of all ages”

“Play areas for children”

“Wildlife Area”

“Somewhere to sit”

“Pensioners Playground”

“Quiet green space”


This bar chart below the results of the Resident Survey question


How should the fields be improved





In addition to the Residents Survey (see form below), the Friends of Allerton Grange Fields also held two Public Consultation Events in June. These were held at the Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods (FGVW) Family Fun Day Event on Saturday 19th June and at The Open Door on Saturday 26th June 2010. The Residents Survey and Public Consultation Events were promoted via FGVW E-Newsletter, REAP E-Bulletin and the ‘About My Area LS8’ Community Website and door to door distribution of Resident Survey Forms.